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Greetings from Nowhere

Jun 24, 2019

Call us at: (669) 500-5629

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It's our annual live show on! We talk cats, birds, and bees. It's a nature show!


May 12, 2019

THIS ENTIRE EPISODE IS A SPOILER CAST OF AVENGERS ENDGAME! Do not play if you have not seen the movie yet.

(669) 500-5629

May 6, 2019

The awning has been defeated!

(669) 500-5629

Mar 18, 2019

TJ is basking in the glow of Captain Marvel, Nicole has home repair decisions, and Christina is enjoying the college courtship process.

(669) 500-5629


Feb 5, 2019

Right as we started recording, Christina's soundboard went out. We could not record all on one feed so each of the girls had to record themselves and then all three tracks had to be merged and aligned to create this show. We apologize for any spots that are a little out of sync. Also, Christina is loud and tinny...